Secure Wordpress - Am I Scaring You?

Additionally, it is important to change your password and admin username if someone will help you and needs your password and admin username to login to do the job. After all of the work is finished, IMMEDIATELY change your password and admin username. Someone in their business may not be, even if the person is trustworthy. Better to be safe than sorry!

Documents can easily get lost if you do not have good protection on your site. A few of those files might be stored in your computer and easily replaceable, but what about the rest of them? If you lose them the first time, where are you going to get them out of again? Especially fix hacked wordpress database is vital. Often sites have a good deal of data and have created a number of documents. Recreating that all would be a nightmare, and not something any business owner wants to do.

Don't make the mistake of believing that your hosting company will have your back so far as WordPress backups go. Not always. While they say that they do, it's been my experience that the company may or may not be doing proper backups. Take that kind of chance?

You first must create a new user, before you can delete the default admin account. To do this go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on User -> Create New User. Enter all of the information you need to enter.

So what's the best way? Out of all the choices that are available right now, which one is right for you and which route should you choose?

Implementing all the above will probably take less than an hour to complete, while making your WordPress site considerably more resistant to intrusions. Over 1 million WordPress sites More Info were cracked last year, mainly due to easily preventable safety gaps. Have yourself prepared and you're likely to be on the safe side.

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